How to protect your eyes during lockdown?

Have you been facing constant headaches while working on the screen? Are your eyes watering after spending a considerable amount of time on your phone or laptop? This could be due to constant exposure to screens.  We’re in an era where whatever we see or touch is dominated by screens. During the lockdown, we’ve begun spending a considerable amount of time in front of screens – be it mobile or laptops, televisions, tablets, e-readers, etc. This constant increase in screen time has affected our eyesight. It’s not too late to undo the damage. Here’s how you can protect your eyes during the lockdown

Kailash Jeevan

I’ve already written a blog post on Kailash JeevanThe only beauty product you need. I usually use Kailash Jeevan over my eyelids before sleeping to cool down my eyes and ensure I sleep well. It can also be used during the day around your eye area.

Ice Pack

It’s most important to cool down your eyes once you start experiencing burning or tiredness in your eyes. The best way to instantly refresh your eyes from its soreness is by using an ice pack for the eyes. The gel-like formula present in the ice pack helps keep the pack cool for a longer duration. It’s best used during the day either post-lunch or better if you use it twice a day – one in the morning and once an hour before bed. 

Rose Water

Another great addition to this list has to be gulab jal or popularly known as rose water. Once you buy a bottle of rose water, store it in the fridge. Once you wake up, spray some rose water on a piece of cotton and place them over your eyes for about 15minutes. The cold rose water will refresh your eyes, while also taking care of swelling or burning sensations. You can repeat this practice of using cold rose water multiple times in the day. I’ve used the regular rose water available at local chemists, but once I switched to Kama Ayurveda Rose Water, I haven’t gone back. 

Under-Eye Cream

Another favourite product that I use before going to bed. Religiously apply a good quantity of under-eye cream before bed to protect your eyes from dark circles. Some products that I will recommend are The Body Shop Elderflower Cooling Gel and The Khadi Naturals Under Eye Gel. I recently came across a brand founded by Mahima Dissoria and her mother named Soap Square. Although I haven’t used their products, I’ve read good reviews. You can try out their Rosehip & Lavender Under-eye Cream 

Use Computer Glasses

I was introduced to computer glasses about 2 years ago. Since then, I’ve used these glasses every time I expose my eyes to the screen. This is one of the best solutions available to protect your eyes during the lockdown. While you can also purchase a computer screen guard, using computer glasses are multipurpose. While driving at night, it eliminates the harsh upper lights used by incoming vehicles. 

Drink Water

Water is a solution for everything! Drinking water will ensure your eyes are hydrated. 

Take a Break

This is the best and most effective solution. Although aware, we don’t tend to practice this. So here goes – Take a break every 1.5 hours, giving your eyes the rest it requires.


If you find my tips helpful, do let me know in the comments below.

Note: Some of these links are affiliated, but I’ve personally used these products.



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