Weekly Tadka (5th July to 11th July 2020)

With the onset of the monsoons, it’s been a great week. Monsoons are my favorite season in Bombay. It’s a cozy environment to eat chatpatta food, read a book, or binge-watch shows/movies. My week was no different. And, it’s been a lovely week of rest, peace, work, and spending time with M.

Sunday, 5th July

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Do you recollect the heavy rains that lashed Bombay on Sunday? It was crazy but enjoyed every bit of it. We were indoors, watching Aarya on Disney+Hotstar. Oh, yes! I watched it twice. As the rains kept increasing, I poured us a drink and watched the coconut trees swaying. The sound of the rains + winds interrupted our conversation, but that’s the beauty of the monsoons.

Monday, 6th July

Remember, I purchased the Super Peeling Liquid from TonyMoly? I have mixed views as I write this. Having used it 10 days earlier, I haven’t noticed a difference in my feet. Although the instructions mention 4-6 days to see visible results, it took longer for me. If you look at my feet, you will notice some skin has peeled off. I’m yet unsure if I would recommend anyone to try it.

Tuesday, 7th July

What if I said that I didn’t do anything today, would you believe me?

Wednesday, 8th July

How many favorite days can one have during a lockdown? Quite a few I would say. This is mine. The day began with a wholesome breakfast date with M, followed by delicious food from O Pedro. When Chef Zac, posted that Hunger Inc restaurants were going to deliver food across Mumbai, I didn’t believe it. Imagine receiving food from Bandra while staying in Malad. For long-distance, you’re supposed to order a day prior, and they delivered from BKC to Colaba, on time! We also received a gift – a mask, which I intend to flaunt very soon.
In the evening, we headed to a friend’s place for the night. That’s when I played Monopoly cards for the first time.

Wait, one more thing. M managed to break the security tag from my Zara hairband. How did I forget to mention this? Using a stone, he kept hitting the security tag, eventually breaking it.

Thursday, 9th July

It was time to say goodbye to M, till we meet again.

Friday, 10th July

Do all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy? What if the instrument that fetches work, collapses? What’s the alternative? Run helter-skelter during lockdown to get it fixed. Phew! What a day!

Saturday, 11th July

The next time I’m at Malad station with mom purchasing vegetables, I’m recording her interaction with the vendors. It’s been over 25 years since she’s been a loyal customer to them. Some of the expressions while asking the price of Tamatar, Kanda, Kothmir, Nimbu, pudina, etc. are priceless. And, every time I step foot there, she introduces me to the vendors. This time I was wearing a mask!

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