Weekly Tadka (21st to 27th June 2020)

It’s been a while since I sat down to write. At the beginning of the lockdown, I lost access to my blog and had to build it up from scratch. This time, I ventured on my journey and I’m content with the result so far. It’s been a learning experience building my blog. How it would look, categories, color scheme, about section, links to social pages and interlinking articles, etc. It’s incomplete, but this time I’m focusing on slow yet steady progress. 

Now although I had a plan, I procrastinated and allowed myself to give in watching shows, staying up to date with the news, and even started a series on Instagram named #HappinessLens. Daily, I shared an image of a happy moment from my day, in the hope of being consistent. Unfortunately, when news of Sushant Singh Rajput’s death by suicide hit in, I was devastated to see the reaction to the news. The media stories were horrifying and the age-old topic of nepotism erupted. But how can I forget the sudden burst of mental health saviors that emerged, eager to lend their ears to those suffering? I couldn’t fathom the extend at which we dropped as humans and decided to stop posting my daily #HappinessLens moments. During this time, I wanted to write. I wanted to share. I wanted to question everything that was going around, but I stopped. 

I stumbled upon a guide on LinkedIn that addressed ‘tips and tricks on how to improve your writing.’ Now, you must be wondering about the connection. Let me tell you this. If I hadn’t come across the post, you would be reading a 1000+ word rant on the things running on my mind. Instead, I chose to take up the challenge of writing a few words daily, thus forming a habit that will eventually help improve my writing. For the first time, I was doing something good rather than focusing on the negative news that engulfed 7 days of my life. 

I decided to share weekly blog posts on the week that went by, what I learned, and where I can improve. I might also share anecdotes of my Catholic Indian Mother and let’s see how that resonates with you, my readers. 

I’ve written this long introduction, but you needed to know the background before jumping into reading about my week.

Sunday, 21st June 2020

After spending 7 days, upset about the reactions to Sushant Singh Rajput’s death by suicide, I decided to return to my new-found passion – cooking. I happened to come across a simple and easy recipe from Chef Vinesh John on Potato Buns. Since we’re hard-core non-vegetarians, mom and I decided to twist it. We prepared her infamous Chicken Liver as stuffing and ended up making 7 delicious looking Chicken Liver Buns. That was lunch. Yes, we can eat two buns for lunch and fill our bellies: P

Monday, 22nd June 2020

Ha! As usual, I was trying to avoid morning workout in the pretext of work. Guilty! But, I managed to push myself and did a series of stretches with my online coach that helped relax and open my sore back. Today was also the day when I attended another workout for the day, PILATES! It gives me immense joy and happiness, stretching and working on my core during class. Brishti can push the limits. 

Tuesday, 23rd June 2020

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At the beginning of the year, I decided to read at least 6 books considering I took a long sabbatical from reading. On Saturday, I opened Goodreads and came across some acquaintances recommending a book – Bombay Balchao by Jane Borges. The title – Bombay and Balchao are close to home. I am a hard-core citizen of this city who believes in calling it Bombay and my mom’s friend has been sending Balchao to my house before monsoons for the last 27 years. I was hooked. For the first time in life, I completed reading a book within 5 days. That’s quite an achievement and I deserved a pat on my back, which I did give myself in the end. 

Wednesday, 24th June 2020

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During the lockdown, I started watching many foreign-language shows. Crime being my favorite genre, the show Trapped popped up in my suggestions as I had watched The Valhalla Murders. I started and completed 2 seasons and watched it in Finnish, the original language. Now, I’ve started dreaming about living in Finland.

Thursday, 25th June 2020

Ended up having a heated argument at home so I walked away to clear my mind. I decided to meet a friend and drive around to cheer up my mood. Little did I expect an interaction with a street vendor to be that mood change. Stationed at the Oberoi Mall signal on WEH, Mumbai a young girl knocked on my car window urging to purchase garbage bags. I denied multiple times, but she was persistent. Suddenly, I saw her pointing out to the bottle of water inside the car and asked for it. Unable to comprehend, I rolled down the window and told her I wasn’t carrying cash. She said, “Nahi didi, mujhe paani chahiye.” I instantly passed her the bottle of water and asked her to give some to a fellow vendor. By writing about this incident, I’ve already added it to my memory book. It is the little things that matter.

Friday, 26th June 2020

While stationed at home for the last 3 months, I’ve noticed dead and dry skin accumulating on my feet. Usually, I would head to a salon for a pedicure, but we’re aware of the situation outside. While scrolling through Nykaa, I came across a solution to my feet care. It was the Super Peeling Liquid from TonyMoly. As per reviews, the solution helps peel off dead and dry skin between 4-6 days. I gave it a try and will share my feedback in the next edition of Weekly Tadka

Saturday, 27th June 2020

If I was paid to laze around, I would have been a millionaire! Jokes apart, I decided to spend the day, sleeping and catching up with some friends. I’m following intermittent fasting with a twist. Every Saturday, I only eat breakfast and fast till Sunday morning. It’s been a while since I’ve been following this routine and it works for my body. I do have my cheat days, but who doesn’t? If you can return to it, nothing like it.

Wow! I surprised myself by writing daily. And achieved a goal that I set for myself at the beginning of the week. That’s all folks. Stay tuned for the next one.


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