Weekly Tadka (19th July to 25thth July 2020)

How about starting with a summary of the previous week? But, I didn’t do anything. I spent the entire week doing nothing. Does that count? Well, it did for me.

Leaving behind the last week, this one has been a great.

Sunday, 19th July 2020

In the first attempt at preparing pizza, I had mixed homemade yeast, which was a few days old. It took time for the batter to rise and by the end of it, I didn’t enjoy the result. Learning from my mistake, I ordered dry yeast from Amazon.in. It’s been a savior for my baking experiments in the kitchen. Today, I decided to make mum a pizza since she’s been craving that crispy crust for a while. Since we didn’t have mozzarella cheese at home, I used cheddar instead. It got a little burnt during baking, but it was a great alternative!

Monday, 20th July 2020

If you’re a Catholic East Indian, you will understand the importance of this dish. It’s been a while since mom cooked traditional East Indian food at home. So, during the lockdown, she decided to brush up on her skills and cooked me a meat feast. She prepared a traditional Meat Curry named with coconut as a base. Doesn’t it look delicious? I’ll share the recipe soon….

Tuesday, 21st July 2020

M and I started watching ‘The Protector’ on Netflix. It was a bad decision.

Wednesday, 22nd July 2020

Why can’t e-commerce companies pay attention to the size charts of clothes? M ordered two dresses from Myntra. Although he cross-checked the size chart before placing that order, I received the garment in a smaller size, twice! It’s easy for us to return the garment with a single tap on the phone, but it’s a task for the delivery man, carrying that weight on his shoulders, risking his life to deliver our fancy purchases. Errr… why is life tough for some and easy for others?

Thursday, 23rd July 2020

I’ve been struggling to pick books and finish them. I started reading The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari about 3 weeks ago but haven’t finished it yet. Is there a solution to my issue?

Friday, 24th July 2020

Image Courtesy: IMDB

Ugh! I feel for the Indian Matching bandwagon. Started watching this cringe-worthy show, but it’s fun. I intend to share my thoughts on this new reality drama, stay tuned.

Saturday, 25th July 2020

If anyone from a convent educated school is reading this post, you will resonate with ‘needle-work’ class and embroidery. Our needle-work teacher, Miss Teresa would ensure that we had our essentials before class, else we were punished. It would include a 10X10 self-colored cloth with tacked corners, a needle, and a skein thread/embroidery thread. During class, she would ask us to draw a line and teach us the basics – tacking, stem stitch, chain stitch, lazy daisy stitch, etc. It was the basics in Std 5, which moved onto embroidery on pillow covers, bedsheets, aprons, and whatnot. I had a knack for embroidery as a kid but lost touch over the years. Mom was good at stitching. As she taught me needle-work, she always said, “The front and back, both should be neat.” If I didn’t, she would rip off my efforts. Learned it the hard way, but years later I remember – neat front & back. Today, mom and I traveled to the past while she taught me the basics, again.

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