The Only Skincare Product You Need

Do you experience changes in your skin with the changing weather? Is your skin acting up as you age? Well, I have the only skincare product that will answer all your skincare problems. It’s an ayurvedic cream named Kailas Jeevan.

My skin was introduced to Kailas Jeevan since birth. Unaware of the multiple options for skin problems, my father resorted to his one solution that solved most basic skincare problems. He fed me the cream once every week, it was my Saturday ritual. Yes, this cream can be eaten as well. And is a multi-purpose cream that can be used for cracked heels, pimples, burns, and itches. Hence, it’s always in my bag wherever I go as I rely on it’s ‘PICK-ME-UP’ factors.

Apart from the instructed usage, I use Kailas Jeevan for the following other purposes as well:


I usually apply Kailas Jeevan over my eyelids before going to bed. It helps cool down the eyes and is a great friend if you find it difficult to sleep. It also helps reduce tired eyes due to constant screentime.


I love applying Kailas Jeevan on my face after a shower. It’s oily and works well as I have dry skin. I’m not sure about oily skin, but you can buy a small tube and try.


Although dermatologists advise not to break pimples, I’ve been ignoring the warning since a teenager. When I find Mr. Pimple on my face, I break it and apply Kailas Jeevan on the spot, using different fingers for each one. It has worked wonders for my skin.


If you have chapped lips, Kailas Jeevan will be your new friend. It’s helped nourish and reduce the color of my dark lips.


Off late, I’ve been using Kailas Jeevan to nourish my cuticles. I used to bite my nails until Standard 8, which made my cuticles weak. I still have short nails. But during the lockdown, I started using this cream for my nails and I can see the difference.

Cuts and Burns

Getting cuts and burns are an everyday affair in the kitchen. So, mom resorts to applying Kailas Jeevan for burns, and I use it when I get cuts.


Kailas Jeevan can be used for cracked heels as well. It does take a while to show results, but it’s great. Use it if you have the patience.

See, how you can use the only skincare product, KailashJeevan in multiple ways? If you’ve used Kailas Jeevan or going to start using it, let me know in the comments below how it has worked for you.

PS: Kailas Jeevan isn’t available at ayurvedic stores in Kerala. For those residing in Maharashtra, it’s available at the local chemist’s and for other states, order it from Amazon.


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