Pork Buns at Kuai Kitchen

This isn’t a paid post. It’s my genuine love for Kuai Kitchen. It’s taken over a piece of my heart. Oh yes! Try it out.

Situated at Colaba near Theobroma, Kuai Kitchen boasts of the most friendly staff. There a waiting list during lunch and dinner hours, but the pocket-friendly food is worth the wait. Over the last 1.5 years, I find myself returning for the delicious pork buns at Kuai Kitchen!

Pork Buns

Pork Buns at Kuai Kitchen

The pork buns are served in a basket. I’ve given my heart to these three delicious pork buns since I first ordered them in November 2018. The outer layer of the buns are soft and melt in your mouth. If eaten as served, you will find steam escaping the buns with every bite. The bun filling is made up of chunks of pork along with fried onion gravy (that’s how I would describe it). The dish is served hot along with three different sauces. I can’t put the taste to words, so I’m recommending a visit.

Chicken + Prawn Sui Mai

Sui Mai is a traditional Chinese dumpling, but it’s found in other Asian countries too. I hadn’t eaten Sui Mai until my visit to Kuai Kitchen. It has become my second favorite dish. While my partner places two pork buns on my plate, he gobbles up the Sui Mai like a child enjoying chocolate.

We’ve tried other dishes from the menu, but I end up resorting to the delicious pork buns. If you bump into us, we will be gobbling down pork buns with either soup or noodles.

Cost for two

Approximately Rs. 1000/- (depending on the dishes ordered)

Will I recommend the place?

Absolutely! It’s one of my favorite restaurants in Colaba and I’ve introduced friends to this place too. Packed with mouth-watering flavors and a great quantity, it’s budget-friendly too. I would like to declare that I’m an unpaid promoter/sales manager of Pork buns at Kuai Kitchen.

If you visit the restaurant, let me know about your experience. Would love to read about it.

Another Asian restaurant that I like in Churchgate/Colaba area is FOO Town.

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