How to reuse one Zara top in multiple ways

I like celebrating Indian festivals and Diwali in 2019 was no different. I am someone who leaves things to the last minute – be it buying airline tickets or shopping for an occasion. And, once again I delayed finalizing an outfit for Diwali knowing this Diwali was going to be a special one. My ‘catholic’ wardrobe had no place for another 3-piece outfit. So I decided to fall back on a salwar suit, purchased 2 years ago. Since I wore this outfit twice, it was confusing to choose between layering or wearing it as is. That’s when I headed to Zara to look out for either a complete Western outfit or a single garment that could be paired with my salwar suit. While at the store, I stumbled upon a classic white crochet top. This happened to be my Diwali purchase and now, I’ll tell you how to reuse one Zara top in multiple ways.

The ‘Diwali’ outfit

I prefer wearing Indian outfits without mixing and matching. But this time, I decided to wear the same salwar suit with a twist. Instead of the original pink kurta, I paired the white crochet top with salwar pants and the dupatta. Both looks for reference! Same-same, but different?

The casual brunch

I had a pair of jeans from H&M which are my current favorite. I usually wear a white shirt with those jeans (yes! I play very safe when it comes to fashion). Since I purchased this beautiful Zara number, I decided to pair the white crochet top with blue jeans. Although it’s a classic combination, it was the perfect look for brunch. And, it worked wonders. What do you think?

The Cocktail party look

Recently, I was in Haldwani for a friend’s wedding. While preparing for the cocktail outfit, I forgot about the cold in the month of November. Luckily, I packed two different jackets so I decided to wear one of them for the cocktail party. The look decoded – a black skirt, the white crochet Zara top, a slight off-white blazer, and boots! I surprise myself with the end result.

The Sangeet look

Confession – I love sarees but didn’t wear one post-school farewell.

Now, I was attending a North Indian wedding and didn’t want to be seen dancing and roaming around in a western outfit. I packed two sarees that belonged to mom. One is a hand-down silk saree that’s about 70 years old and the second was a saree that I gifted mom. I decided to wear the legacy saree for the reception and wore this embroidered floral off white saree for the sangeet. Since I didn’t have a saree blouse, I decided to wear this white crochet Zara top as a saree blouse. Now, how do you like this combination?

Did you like how I reused one Zara top in multiple ways? If you’ve tried any of these simple yet elegant looks, let me know in the comments!

I am a newbie in fashion, so follow my journey. Here to learn and share!

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