Brunch at Easyhuman Cafe Colaba

What I like about long weekends is that you get to sleep in bed till noon and later step out for brunch. Due to the number of holidays in October 2019, there were many long nights and lovely brunches. We spent the four Diwali holidays eating blunder – a term coined by my friends (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Today, I’m going to tell you about our Brunch at Easyhuman Cafe, Colaba.

Before visiting the cafe, we ordered-in but faced received cold food due to a Zomato delivery cancellation. We decided to give Easyhuman Cafe another shot, as the food tasted good, although cold. We happened to visit the cafe two days after Diwali and here’s how everything fell into place.


Table tops at Easyhuman Cafe

Easyhuman Cafe is located close to Sassoon Dock. While it serves food on the ground floor, they have a gym located on level 1. This is a cafe serving and promoting healthy eating. I wouldn’t say much about the interiors, except the place has been well thought of. The tabletops were made of chalkboards. Each table had a glass filled with chalks and a pack of Uno cards. No guesses! We scribbled on the tabletop and played many Uno games before hogging on food.

Eggs Benedict and Hot Chocolate

Eggs are an important part of our first meal. So we called for Eggs Benedict, Akuri, and the Easyhuman special with bacon. To go along, we ordered a banana & peanut butter smoothie, dates & cocoa smoothie, and hot chocolate. And ended with a healthy version of pancakes.

Easyhuman Special with Bacon

Easyhuman Special with Bacon

If you offer M a dish that has eggs and bacon as part of breakfast, you won’t have to give him another option. The quantity of this dish is fit for a single heavy eater but can be shared among two. Provided, there is another dish on the table. I won’t take the trouble to describe the egg preparation because I’m talking about eggs!


One can’t go wrong, preparing Akuri, but when a little extra salt falls into your dish, it can turn a tasty dish into a bad one. That’s exactly what happened with this one.



While I enjoyed the dishes we ordered, I was disappointed with the pancakes. Pancakes are supposed to be soft, fluffy, and should melt in your mouth. That’s when you’ve eaten a good pancake irrespective if its a healthy option or not. The pancake was hard and lacked in taste.

Will I visit the restaurant again?

On the whole, I had a great Brunch at Easyhuman Cafe, Colaba. I might think about visiting the place again for brunch. This time, I’m not calling for Akuri and Pancakes but would like to try a new dish off their menu.

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