Asian cuisine at FOO Town

Somewhere around mid-2019, M & I noticed a place that drew our attention due to the yellow lighting. We were returning from an evening workout when we passed by the place. We heard the clatter of cutlery, people chatting, and soft music playing in the background. This was when we noticed a new restaurant and instantly knew we’re heading for Asian cuisine at FOO Town.
We don’t fancy specific cuisine, but of late, we’re falling back on Asian cuisine for almost all our dinner dates.
Fun fact: We celebrated my birthday dinner at Yauatcha, BKC. That’s how much Asian cuisine has taken over our taste buds.
We visited FOO Town for the first time in November’19 for a lunch date. As the inside seating area was packed, we were given a table for four outside. The outside area can get hot, especially during the hot days in Mumbai. To ease it, they have some form of the air conditioner running in an almost open-area kind of set-up.
During the first visit, it took them a great amount of time to attend to our table. The second visit had better hospitality and attentiveness.
The second visit happened to be a family dinner so I’ve decided to combine the menu in this post

What we ordered:

Footani and Foolicious

Consuming two delicious mocktails on a hot summer afternoon couldn’t get any better. The colors of the drinks looked so pleasant, I was happy.

Duck Dumplings (starters)

Duck dumplings as starters
Starters: Duck dumpling

My partner and I always try to eat different meat when it’s available on a menu. This time, we ordered the duck dumplings. We received three pieces of dumplings in a basket. The meat cooked to perfection, a delicious dish but quantity disappointed.
We order two or three starters but here, we wanted to relish a good meal. So, we decided to call for the main course — noodles but wanted a gravy alongside. The waiter suggested we try the FOO Basket.

FOO Hakka Noodles and Steamed FOO Basket: Red Snapper, Thai Bird Eye Chilly

Main course: FOO Hakka Noodles
Main course: FOO Hakka Noodles

Disappointed in receiving three dumplings, the quantity of the main course was good. The noodles were average in taste, but the Red Snapper gravy was yum. Mixing the two dishes was a good decision as it uplifted the taste of the noodles. By the end, we were unable to finish it off.
Although I wished we could try the dessert menu, another bite & we would burst!

Visit number: Two

That's me with the Jäger bomb
That’s me with the Jäger bomb

Visit number two was a family dinner. That day, we ordered dishes from the ‘spicy food festival’ (I hope am right!) and the food was delicious. Since we only managed to click one picture that night, I will note down the dishes for reference. I got this picture clicked as I found the shot glass looked cute 🙂

We ordered Ghost Chilly Pepper Chicken, Furious Habenero Chilly Crispy Garlic Prawns, Sriracha Chicken dumpling, Steamed Jasmine Rice, Yellow Curry Chicken along with drinks 🙂

Overall Experience

On both occasions, I was happy with the service, the quantity of food, and pricing. The staff were friendly, helpful, and assisted with dishes off the menu. The main course can be sold as a meal for two, but starters especially dumplings should be a dish for ‘only one’

Will I visit the place again?

Yes! For the Asian cuisine at FOO Town and for the Red Snapper gravy 🙂

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